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Welcome to GODeeper Tours

Welcome to GODeeper Tours

Welcome to GODeeper ToursWelcome to GODeeper ToursWelcome to GODeeper Tours

Our story

Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours. Tours to Israel.

Our belief

Our team believe, that traveling to the Holy Land is easier than you think. 

We are here for many reasons, but we trust that God has called us together for a reason, to serve the Christian community by organizing pilgrimages to the land of the Bible.

Our team is instrument in God's hands, to do the most wonderful things in people lives through our trips.

Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours. Tours to Israel.

Our mission

GODeeper Tours is a Christian based tour agency. We are an international ecumenical team working in different countries, but our head office is based in Bethlehem, in the city where Jesus was born. We are open for partnership since we are building a community which shares each one of experiences visiting the Holy Land and strengthens others in their faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours. Tours to Israel.

Our Vision

We are all sure for one important thing - it is a great joy and satisfaction for us to offer full service pilgrimages to the Holy Land that provide pilgrims with good service, safety and most important - a time full of blessings. 

We want to  emphasize on letting pilgrimage be truly a pilgrimage, based on Christian values.   

We are flexible to organize pilgrimages according to the interests and ideas of your congregation, which are rooted in the truth of Bible and which bring closer to Lord Jesus Christ.  We will help you to customize your pilgrimage in a format which will serve in the best way for your needs.


Andis Smilga

Pastor Andis Smilga from Latvia. Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours


Pastor of Latvian Lutheran Church.

Comunity Chemin- Neuf

"God's leadership and blessing was present at this trip.​We saw a lot of places where Jesus Christ lived and taught people. We also had opportunity to learn loving God through worshiping Him and singing songs. Great time getting to know each other as well. Thanks everyone involved for this pilgrimage, where we were able to be together and experience Jesus Christ in more deeper level."

Anna Marīja Akmene

Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours


"Journey to the Holy Land was a pilgrimage of my heart and it has transformed my life. Renewing my baptism in the Jordan river made me feel like I was in heaven. I was wrapped in God's love so closely that I wanted to share it to others so much.Most vivid memories were from the place where Jesus was born.​The program of the trip reflects truly Biblical values. Thank you! See you again!" 

Agnese Atvare

Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours


"Thank you team for this unforgettable and well organised adventure!​I experienced God during this journey, as if God Himself have carried me through in His hands and revealed to me His beauty. He joyfully surprised me all of the time. I will remember this adventurous journey for long time!" 

Agnes Hantosi

Pilgrimage to Israel. GODeeper Tours. Tours to Israel. Chemin Neuf


The journey to Israel was really the time of my life. I truly believe that God personally has invited me here. Actually I didn’t know too much about this organization or GoDeeper Tours, so when I’ve learned it on the bus that there I was with an ecumenic and charismatic group my heart was already jumping with joy. Being in Israel is a beautiful time anyway, but during the whole pilgrimage I felt a

strong connection with the others, although with many of them we couldn’t speak through words, only by prayer and praise. And it was wonderful that we had so many prayer time! ...it gave me so much more! Praising in a mountain view 24/7 Prayer Room, above Jerusalem! Having time with my Bible in the Garden of Gethsemane! Reading Matthew

Chapter 5 on the Mount of Beatitudes! And jumping and dancing on the lake of Galilee! (Of course not walking on the water, but on the board of a ship). Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that we had the most delicious sweets of Betlehem, kanafeh!

So thank you, GoDeeper Tours, it was really going deeper with you!

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